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Hunter Investigations

Attorney Services

We assist attorneys in investigations  such as interviewing witness, surveillance, utilizing video and audio equipment, sworn statements, and other investigations as need be

Background Checks and Investigations

Need an employee background check? Renters a problem? These investigations can be done from a simple misdemeanor/felony check to a complete investigation including interviews of all references, employment, credit, and known associate checks. Tennessee Drivers License status checks and drivers history can also be done, regressing 10 years. We have several data bases and other resources to do whatever background checks you need.

We also specialize in background checks meeting State guidelines regarding DIDD approved agencies. A Nationwide criminal check is completed along with Tennessee Abuse Registry, Sexual Predator search, and a seven year Motor Vehicle Report. We accept DIDD rates and comply with the Office of the Inspector Generals Office. We meet and exceed all guidelines under the Tennessee DIDD Provider Manual revised March 2014 Chapter 5.1-5.3 regarding background checks. 

Consulting on Public Corruption and Corporate/Businss Investigations

Need an investigation into a Local, County, State, or Federal employee or official? We've had seven years experience in a major police agency in the Public Corruption Bureau. Investigations and consulting done with police agencies, government agencies, corporations, small and large businesses, employee thefts, computer fraud and theft of intellectual property, and corporate espionage are our specialties. All cases may involve both covert and overt investigation and surveillance.

Corporate Services

See tab called Corporate Services

Missing Persons

Lost touch with a relative, a child, loved one, old friend? We offer location services to find those people you need to contact. If the case originates in Tennessee, we can, if need be, travel anywhere to locate a person. Chances are, we can find that person for you. Note: All our services are based on legal means. We will not break any local, State, Federal, or International laws. Due to nefarious people who may be searching for a person for illegal reasons, in most cases we will make contact with the missing person and request they contact you, unless positive proof is offered to the contrary. We have been very successful in locating missing persons across the country.


Pirated music, movies, and computer software are a huge problem in this country and the world. We investigate these illegal operations and bring the case to the local authorities and/or the FBI for prosecution. We have also worked with the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), as well as large computer industries such as Intel, Microsoft, and AMD. Fraud investigations were also done for other large manufacturers such as Ty, UPS, Dell, and many others.

Security Assessments for Homes and Businesses

We can assess your home and business for security issues. Such as, vulnerable spots for break-ins, home invasions, locks/deadbolts, valuables needing more protections (safes), alarm system advice, Nanny cams, security cameras and other security concerns (IR cameras, sound detectors, movable cameras, etc). Risk assessments for businesses. Also, protection services for VIP's, etc.

Workers Compensation Fraud

Investigations of suspected WC Fraud cases, utilizing surveillance techniques with HD video, audio, digital photography, and completing detailed and precise reports for court testimoney. Available for public and private agencies, government, insurance companies, etc. We investigated many of these cases and met with successful conclusions to most cases of suspected fraud. Those cases resulted in denial of claims, with civil and criminal remedies.

Miscellaneous Services

Other investigations and services will be done on a case by case basis.