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Hunter Investigations

Corporate Security, Security Assessments, and Active Shooter Training

Hunter Investigations responds to corporate requests promptly from the beginning of an investigation until the end. We utilize whatever investigative techniques needed to identify problems, whether employees or outsiders, and to locate the perpetrators, verify and record their transgressions, prepare a case against them, interview them, recover any lost property or secrets, and curtail or stop further loss. Using surveillance, undercover investigators, data analysis, or whatever else is called for, that is our function. A detailed investigative report would be generated with all facts and be suitable for court presentation, whether criminal or civil. In a criminal case, the case would be presented to the appropriate law enforcement agency and court jurisdiction for prosecution.
In addition, before you hire any potential problems, a screening can be performed from a criminal check Nationwide, to a complete background investigation, which would include interviews of all former employers, references, and neighbors. All information given on an application would be verified and determined to be true or false. Fingerprint checks and polygraph examinations can also be performed. Driver’s License reports are available with a seven year driving history.
We work closely with management and legal counsel to secure any risk situation and develop strategies to stop or curtail future incidents.  We employ due diligence in our investigations and comply with all laws, local, state, and federal.
We also suggest risk assessments on your business/corporation from physical risks, to risks to your employees, customers, and business security.
Additionally, we provide information and guidance for professional standards, from issues such as sexual harassment, common courtesy, potential legal issues, protection of employee rights and issues, computer etiquette, and policies, procedures, and operational guidelines.
Health and safety issues are a priority. Keeping all parties safe and protecting them from injury, is paramount. Liability is a huge issue and these guidelines must be in place to protect the company and employees thereof. We have teamed with a Health/Safety expert if need be.
Workers compensation investigations is also in our tool box. Many fraudulent claims have been resolved using surveillance and investigation to capture these fraudsters. Many result in criminal prosecution, recovering your monies, and stopping the fraud. Your asset protection is our goal in all areas.
We offer private investigative needs for individuals, businesses and corporations in the following fields:
Active Shooter Training
Bomb and Explosive Identification and threats
Security assessments
Internal business/corporate investigations
Workers Comp fraud investigations
Health Safety consultation
Background checks-simple to complete
Professional Standards consulting/training
Corruption investigations for elected officials
Corruption investigations on government employees
Anti-piracy investigations in music/motion picture cases
And any private investigation/security needs
Our experience is from 31 years as an investigator/supervisor for a top ten US police agency, including seven years in a public corruption unit, four years in a hi-tech crime unit, undercover work in narcotics, thefts, boat crimes, auto thefts, and heavy equipment thefts. Many federal task forces investigations including narcotics, major thefts, computer crimes, intellectual property crimes, kiddie porn investigations, homicides and murder conspiracies, organized crime cases. We have worked with many corporations, such as Intel, Microsoft, AMD, HP, UPS, FedEx, Home Depot, Recording Industry of America (RIAA), Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), and many others.
We employ whatever legal means to complete an investigation. We are State licensed as a professional investigation company and private investigator.