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Self Defense........matters!
by Steven White on April 20th, 2015

​My intent on this blog is to get the average, everyday citizen to think about self-defense and what measures you would go to if you or your family/loved ones were in danger.

World peace! Wouldn’t that be nice? What would that be like? It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? We can still strive to get it, try and practice in our own lives, right? Sure we can. But will we ever achieve it? Not that I am a skeptic, well, maybe I am, but I’ve seen the worst of people for most of my adult life. Just as I know, beyond a doubt, that most people want peace and harmony in their lives, there is a small percentage of people who want to hurt, rape, pillage, steal your stuff, and some want to kill you. They will stop at nothing to get what they want, including, your death. I would hope everyone is aware of that. But I know some wear rose colored glasses and refuse to accept the fact. Many chastise the police and military for violence they engage in, to protect the innocent, and secretly want them around when needed, but those people don’t want to see them when all is well. They‘d prefer to ignore it and pretend that doesn’t exist, or will never affect them. But….what if?

I want to put forth a few scenarios for you. Think about them and try to put yourself in that situation, and what would you do? The victims in these scenarios were real people, minding their own business, going about their lives. All three scenarios are based on true cases that I responded to. Could it happen to you?

1. A man and his teenage daughter come home around 4PM, park in their driveway, get out, and start to go in. The wife and other kids are not home yet. Not being aware of the situation; that is, the man was followed from the daughter’s school where he picked her up, by 4 thieves/scoundrels who wanted to rob this man. As the man and daughter approached the front door with the keys, the 4 men walked up behind the two unsuspecting victims, pulled their guns, screamed at them to get in the house at gunpoint, where all 6 people went in. The 4 men struck the man and his daughter with their guns, violently knocking them to the floor. They continued kicking the man and beat him into submission. The man was not prepared for this, never imagined something like this could or would ever happen to him. Two of the thugs tied the man up with the wire from a lamp and sat him on the floor. The other two thugs ransacked the home for easy valuables; cash, jewelry, and anything else they could easily carry out. Being the “loving, peaceful” types they were, the young thugs then raped the teenage girl with the barrels of their guns in front of the father, making him watch. After that, the 4 thugs left with the valuables, leaving the victims tied up to be found when the wife and other kids came home. Both victims recovered, physically, but……what would you do if you had a chance to protect your daughter? Would you shoot and possibly kill 1 or more of those thugs?

2. Around 2am, a young mother of an infant, awoke to a loud noise in the living room. Her husband was away on a business trip, leaving the mother and infant daughter alone. The married couple had never thought of purchasing a gun. After all, in this “civilized” society, such things are not needed. Plus, what if someone else found the gun, like a friend or relative and shot someone by accident? Anyway, the mother awoke to this noise, a sound of a thud, and glass breaking. She didn’t know what to do, tried calling her husband, no answer. She heard her baby cry, so she got up and went to see what was going on. She went into her little girl’s room to find a man holding the baby, which made her scream, so he pushed her back against the wall and punched her in the face, knocking her unconscious on the floor. She came to seconds later and heard the front door open and heard a car door shut, an engine start, and drive off squealing tires. Her baby, was gone. She didn’t even think to identify the car or man, much less a tag number. She called 911 and the police arrived in a few minutes. Luckily at that time of night, all cars in the area were stopped and checked. The man was caught with the baby in the car, and arrested. The man was a career criminal and sexual predator, suspected of murdering 3 children in another state. Again, what if it were you?

3. A young couple, on a date to the mall and movie, were leaving after the movie. As they approached the car, 3 young men walked towards them. The couple was scared, but tried to ignore the approaching men. 1 of the men pulled a large knife and proceeded to rob the two victims, taking the victims wallets and her purse. The 2 without the knife, grabbed the young man victim, and held his arms, as the one with the knife threatened to kill both victims if they didn’t provide more cash. The male victim said they didn’t have any more money, which enraged the thugs, and the 1 with the knife began to slice the man’s skin on his face and arms. The girl screamed, and the brave man with the knife stabbed her in the stomach area several times with the 5” blade, rupturing her stomach and left kidney. She fell to the ground as the male tried to break free to help his girlfriend. She was bleeding profusely and crying quietly. The brave thug with the knife then stabbed the man in the throat and upper torso, as the two thugs holding him beat him. Two innocent victims, both left for dead. On a happier note, both lived and recovered, physically. Both were scarred for life, physically and mentally.

The point is, there are evil people that will kill, or rape, and take your hard earned money, belongings, and your life, or the life of those you love. No matter what these victims did, they thought they could not have prevented being victims. And as callous as it sounds, these victims shared some blame. None of them were situationally aware of any danger. None of them were prepared for these crimes mentally. Many say they will not live in a world where these things are necessary, carrying guns, or always watching your surroundings. So be it. In situation 1, if the man were situationally aware of his surroundings, he would have picked up on the fact that he was being followed. In that case, he could have driven to a police station or fire station, and let them know he was being followed. Or called 911 and tell them of his suspicions. The cowards they are, the criminals would have fled at this solution. In situation 2, had the woman and her husband invested in an alarm, good door locks, a firearm, a baseball bat even, the abduction of their child could have been prevented. In situation 3, had the young couple have been situationally aware, they would have seen the 3 men stalking them, and gone back inside the mall, notified mall security, and been spared the pain and humiliation of being robbed, stabbed, and beaten. Watch the news, every day there are many more instances of these type. Don’t be a victim. Fight back. We have the right to be free and safe from evil doers. Try and run scenarios through your mind. Are you being followed? Do you see something out of the ordinary? Take a gun safety and training course. Get a firearm, teach your loved ones how to use it, and store it safely, but close enough to get it in a scary situation. You love peace, but, if you or your loved ones were threatened, could you shoot? Think about it…what would you do???        

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