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by Steven White on December 18th, 2014

So, what is all the hub bub about Corporate Security? Why does a Corporation, business (small, medium, or large) need to think about their own security? It's a simple answer; we live in a very vulnerable society. Security is of utmost importance. And security ranges from:

1. The business physical security, such as alarm systems, locks, safety issues.
Solution- Having a professional security analysis done. 

2. Cyber security: hackers, viruses, scammers, phreakers, intellectual property theft, copyright violations, etc. 
Solution- Insure you're business has adequate Internet security, firewalls, a competent IT section, maintaining your servers/equipment with the latest security software.

3. Personnel issues (employee thefts, embezzlement, employee security at work (sexual harassment, dangerous/demented individuals, spies, etc)
Solution- retain a Professional Investigation Company for internal investigations and assessments, perform background checks on all employees, place cameras in work areas, know your people, employee an armed guard professionally trained and licensed, etc

4. Health Safety issues such as clean air, defib units, first aid, trained employees in first responder/CPR, employee drills for fire, man made or natural disaster, etc
Solution- Employ or retain a professional Health Safety expert to monitor these areas for adequate ventilation and work space safety. Train one employee as a first responder and CPR certified and have that employee trained as a trainer. That employee can then train some or all of your employees in same. Invest in some defibrillator units, good first aid kits, bio suits if needed, etc. 

In all businesses, the employees can make or break the success of the business. Employee safety is number one. They are your life line to success or failure. Screen your employees, a comprehensive background check is a good start. Implement a drug screening program at hire and random checks, if needed, as a condition of employment. The relative low costs for these measures will be outweighed by hiring good, competent individuals. Some businesses require the applicant to pay for a background check and drug screening. And a good, safe work area will be appreciated by employees, making them happier and more productive. 

And bad employees can do immeasurable damage to a business. Employee theft costs billions of dollars every year. Intellectual property theft is on the rise. Corporate spies are available to steal your ideas, patents, copyrighted information, and your money. Each business has a unique skill set in the business world. Your needs can be custom fit for your business. There are many professional Corporate Security companies available. Utilize them to insure your business. A proactive approach is much more advisable than a reactive approach. The damage is done!  

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