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Salute; to our Nations military men and women; past and present
by Steven White on November 11th, 2014

Freedom: What does it mean to you, or me?

Freedom, is a word used a great deal by our society, at least in America. Have you ever thought of what it means to you personally? Does it mean you get up every day, get your coffee, eat breakfast, go to your same hum drum job, complete another day "chained" to your desk or car or truck. Have you served your Country? What if you "got up" at daybreak, having not actually slept, as you were worried an enemy might sneak up and slit your throat. Its hard for us, non-soldiers, to imagine what our servicemen and women go thru on a day to day basis. Deployed numerous times to a country that hates them, leaving their families and loved ones to fend for themselves, to face death every second of every day. To see unimaginable horrors not meant for our eyes, to kill another human being, or be killed yourself. To always have your head on a swivel, always be alert and adept at sensing danger. To eat MRE's or some other crap given to you in the sand. Sleep on the ground, or a sandy foxhole you dug. 

Yet, we at home, in our everyday lives of routine and wondering isn't there something better than this? We take for granted our freedom, and hum drum lives, at the expense of those men and women who felt the call of duty, of honor, of freedom, and enlisted in the best armed services in history. They made a sacrifice many of us can't understand, and paid dearly, watching their best friends, brothers in arms, die; or be maimed for life. Scars that can't be seen instilled in their memories, while we drive to work, complaining about our routine days.

Veterans Day!  Its not just an extra day off. Its a day to thank a veteran for their dear sacrifices. Thank them for sacrificing their freedom and very lives, for our freedom. And to all you detractors, who say they signed up for it, they knew what they were getting into, I say go serve one day of what they've endured. 

​God bless our troops! God bless America!

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