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Are you safe at home, at work?
by Steven White on October 30th, 2014

This post will address your safety in this big bad world of ours. We have to deal with people wanting to steal our stuff, or hurt us, or even kill us. Why? There are as many answers to that as there are criminals. Many are lazy, have no skills, or want no skills. It's easier to them to burglarize or rob people, places, or things, than to get a job and work for their own stuff. They can "work" an hour or two a day, take your stuff, go buy their dope, and have a great time while you are working. Those are the run of the mill thieves. Then there are the professionals, they can bypass alarms, take and open safes, target specific items they want, high valued ........ collections: such as stamps, coins, guns, art, etc. There are many less professional theives than the run of the mill types. There are also the mentally ill. Psychopathic individuals that have no feeling, no remorse, and could care less about you or your family. They could kill you with no reason, and not give it another thought. There are much less of these whackos running around, fortunately. 

Then there are the "cyber" attackers. They delve into the personal data you store as a matter of business as usual. They steal your identity, much as the common variety thief, because they don't want to work for their income., they'd rather have yours. They hack into your personal and business accounts, sell your information, use your information, and steal anything they can get from you. There are also cyber spies, who look for trade secrets, steal confidential information from persons, and/or businesses, for gain. They also steal secret information from governments, and sell that information to the highest bidder, which usually happens to be an enemy. That is the new war in the cyber world that has happened in our face. Technology is a great thing if used for good purposes. But it can be a dastardly thing in the wrong hands. 
So, what to do? It can be overwhelming. We can restrict what we do online. We can get an alarm system. We can arm ourselves. We can institute strict security features in our homes and businesses. That will curtail some thieves, but it won't stop intrusions. Nothing will stop all intrusions. Best thing to do is, prepare ourselves for it, institute a plan of action. Always be aware of your surroundings and note anything unusual or suspicious. After all, the goal is to protect yourselves, your family, your assets. It's like being ever vigilant for terrorist attacks. It's sad that we have to do it, but, the alternative is sadder. Would you rather put your plan in place before an attack, or would you prefer to prevent the attack in the first place? It is now a part of life in these United States, and the world, and it is a dog eat dog world we live in.  

There is a man who wrote what I consider a brilliant piece based on his own view of our threats. It is:


Dave Grossman is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel psychologist and professor at the U.S. Military Academy. His works On Killing and On Combat describe the physiological, psychological and cultural effects of lethal force. They are thought provoking and – for some – controversial.

Grossman’s metaphor is simple. There are sheep, wolves and sheepdogs in this world. The wolves prey on the sheep; the sheepdogs protect them. Both wolves and sheepdogs have fangs, but they use them for quite different purposes."

Okay, you say, how does this apply to you? I urge you all to read the entire piece Lt Col Grossman wrote. It's readily available online. He specifically refers to police officers and the military in it. But it is so appropriate to all in todays world. He surmises that there are three types of people...
Sheep (normal citizens), Wolves (the bad guys), and Sheepdogs (Cops, Military, and those who fight the wolves). 

Which are you? There is no shame in being a Sheep. Most of us don't want to have to deal with the bad guys. We'd prefer to live our lives free of crime and violence. But when it happens to us, we cry out for the Sheepdog to help us. All of a sudden, guns and weapons are an option. Be a Sheep, but use Sheepdog ways to protect your vital interests!

Or are you a Sheepdog? No one messes with your family!

So, lets say a burglar breaks into your home. He steals all your jewelry you've collected, on your own and family heirlooms, your coin collection that was handed down to you by your grandfather, your big screen TV (Now you are pissed), your cash you've saved for a bigger big screen TV, and your autographed Babe Ruth ball and photograph also handed down by your grandfather. Your monetary loss is substantial, but your emotional hit was far more substantial. There was an intruder in your home! He broke through your back door in 3 seconds because you didn't put a better lock in when you moved in because that stuff never happens to you, only the other guy! Now, your kids can't sleep because of this bad guy looking in their stuff and soiling it. He kicked your dog too and the dog is now whimpering in the corner. Your home, your life, your world and the most important people in it, were violated!!!! Your wife has thoughts that she and the kids aren't safe because you failed to protect them. She doesn't say it, but you know shes thinking it! Or, at least, you think she is thinking it. You feel less of a man because you neglected basic protection because you were too busy, or it was too expensive, or you didn't think it could happen at your house.

Okay, now what? Out of shame or fear, you call a locksmith and change all your locks to great locks. It's expensive, but your families safety and emotional well being is in check. You go out and buy a gun. That bad guy won't come back now, you have a gun! Damn that thief, he shook your rose colored world up! Now he screwed with the wrong guy! So you get this gun. You've never held a gun before. How does it work? You take a gun safety course in your town, and even get a carry permit. Now, by God, you are ready! (Advice- train, train, and train in firearm safety and proficiency. Get intimately familiar with the gun and have your family be familiar with safety and how to use it in an emergency).

Are you ready? Could you look a man or woman, or a teenage boy or girl, in the face and shoot them, dead? But what if its Billy, the 17 year old neighbor kid? Sure he killed and tortured some dogs and cats in the neighborhood. But it's Billy! Oh, but Billy has a butcher knife in his hand and has this crazed look on his face. Better think about that before you act. Prepare yourself. Is your family that important to you? I can tell you he can and will shoot or stab you, or your family...your kids! He will use whatever means to achieve his end, stealing your stuff and not getting caught. If he has to grab a knife from the kitchen, the fireplace poker, a golf club, a baseball bat, or whatever, he will. And he will use it to eliminate witnesses so he won't get caught. What if he or another freak comes back, not for your valuables, but for your 4 year old daughter. He's a pedophile, and he wants to defile your daughter and do lewd acts on her. He saw her pictures, he knows what he wants! And then, to protect himself, he kills her and disposes of her body because he can't go to prison. Now, could you have shot him? Your sweet, innocent little princess! And you know she said, my daddy will save me. Then, where is my daddy?

All good questions. It's all part of the plan you need to have with your family. My suggestion, get good locks, get an alarm system with a panic button. Get window locks. A good burglar can pry a window in no time. Check your doors, do they open in or out? A door that opens in is much easier to kick open that one that opens out. Do this BEFORE you are a victim. Common sense initiatives can prevent a lot of heartache in the future. And you and your family will sleep better. Sure, a pro can bypass alarms, good locks, and other features. But they are in a shorter supply than the common scum, I mean, thief. It really doesn't matter what you do if it's a pro. If they have a target they want, they will get it. But you can slow them down, you can make them think, is it worth it? They could move on to an easier target rich environment. The good thing is, most pros aren't interested in the average home, they want the really good stuff. Oh, LOCK YOUR DOORS!!!! You'd be surprized how many people forget to lock their doors and windows. Make it a part of your day.

As for cyber thieves, run a firewall or two, or three. Use the most secure WiFi router you can, and it's highest encryption. Use complicated passwords with letters, caps, numbers, and special characters. Use different passwords for each account. Keep your passwords in a safe place. Not on your computer or device! Most hackers can find computers not protected at all. If they have to work for it, they may just move on. Check your credit status often, make sure there are no accounts you haven't applied for. Get an online account that protects your identity. Don't throw away bank statements, credit card statements, etc. Nothing with any personal information on it. Thieves will rummage through the garbage. Get a shredder. All common sense. Encrypt all the data you can! Prevention is the best safeguard. 

Prepare, mentally and physically. Run it in your mind, could I shoot another human being? Remember, a burglar who gets shot at, is most likely going to get out of there as quick as possible. Just be safe where you put the rounds. Have a plan. The wife and kids go to the safest place you can think of. You stand your ground. NO ONE has the right to take your or your families lives. 
Now, you are the family hero! Doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, you saved the day! 

Next post will deal with corporate and business security!

The world today is a beautiful, wonderful, place. But there are certain things we cannot ignore. While wishing for world peace and tranquility is a noble gesture, It is only that, a gesture. Don't view this harsh side of life through "Rose colored glasses" ignoring certain truths. Prepare, be vigilant. As a wise fictional character once said, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get."

Have a great day! Thanks for blogging! 

As always, I welcome comments!!!


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