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by Steven White on January 5th, 2016

Your basic right to protect you and your family, are not given by any government, it is a basic right to live. In today's world, and I imagine all through time, things are dangerous. We can't ignore it and it will go away. We must hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. 

In my humble opinion, life safety starts at home. Your home is your castle, you feel safe there, and it is a place where the evil of the world can't invade. That sounds nice, and it is desirable,'s wrong. There are burglaries galore, and home invasion robberies. There are many scams out there, such as people posing as contractors, such as driveway paving services, roof repairs, air conditioning repairs, you name it. Basic defense there: don't ever give anyone money up front. Any legitimate company will do the job then get paid. Make sure they are licensed and insured. Check around for their previous work. Ask for references. 
Burglars are easy, lock all windows and doors, good locks! Keep them locked when you and your family are in the house. Get an alarm system. Watch your property. Anything unusual, report it. 
Armed home invasions are most serious. Keep your "head on a swivel" when you come and go. Is there a car parked near your home? Take a picture of it with your cellphone. Make sure you get the tag. Is it occupied? How many people? Get the best description of them you can. If you're coming home, take extra care to look for anything unusual. If you see a car by your property, and it does not belong, follow your instincts. Does it feel like a threat? Keep going, call the police and tell them there is possibly home invaders waiting for you. Let them approach the suspicious vehicle/people. If it's nothing, no harm. At least the police will identify the occupants. If they cannot take action, they will certainly be discouraged from your home.
These measures may seem extreme to most people. And most don't want to live this way. But soon it will be second nature. What is more important, you and your loved ones being afraid to offend someone, or you and your loved ones very lives? Like the saying goes, an ounce of prevention can go a long way!

Moving on, purchasing and owning firearms! Oh my, that is scary for so many. Doesn't have to be. The estimated total number of guns (both licit and illicit) held by civilians in the United States is 270,000,000 to 310,000,000. Wow, that's a lot of guns. These are estimates only, as there cannot be a true count. Considering the USA has a population of roughly 330,000,000, that is almost a gun per person. The United States Constitution, and the US Supreme Court, have stated We the People have the right to keep and bear arms. This right is for personal protection, and for hunting, and, to protect us from tyranny from our government. Why did the Founding Fathers put that pesky Second Amendment in there? Well I believe it's because our ancestors fled British tyranny and gave up what they had, and fled to a strange, wild, continent, and risked their lives for freedom from oppression. The Founding Fathers added that amendment so it would not happen again. As of 31 December 2013, 1,369,532 people were on active duty in the armed forces, with an additional 850,880 people in the seven reserve components. And since then, it is much lower, as cuts in defense have been instituted. And the citizens have up to 310,000,000 guns? It is clear the power of this nation is our people. 
Each State has enacted laws governing owning and carrying firearms. We must follow current laws which include background checks (a good thing), and promises on federal forms that you are not under indictment for a crime, and you aren't mentally ill (a very good thing). However, at this time there is no way to check on a mentally ill person. Privacy in the medical field and HIPPA, prevent a database from checking into this. It is known that the mass shootings that have occurred are primarily the act of mentally disturbed individuals. Some are Islamist terrorism, but most are mentally disturbed people. None of those people should have guns, period. But they do. In response, we all need to make the decision to purchase, and carry, firearms. Imagine if in these mass shootings there were trained armed citizens there, the outcome would be much different. These mass shooting subjects are cowards, they seem to pick no gun zones, and kill innocent, defenseless, people. The response to that is to arm all who wish to take that responsibility, not take legal citizens rights away. And of course re-write the laws concerning mentally disturbed privacy rights. After all, the NSA took our private phone data easy enough.
Okay, so you choose to buy a gun. How do you choose one? Go to a well stocked gun dealer, and talk to the sales clerk. Guns come in different sizes, calibers, colors, etc. Find one that suits you in the grip, easy to use, one that you might enjoy. Guns are a tool. You control the gun, not the other way around. Okay, you find one and buy it. Next step, take a concealed carry class and/or a gun safety class. Learn the workings, use, and care for that gun. Know how it functions, how to use it safely, and then practise a lot with it. How much practise? Until you are proficient at using it and hitting the target. And then, practise more! You can never get enough practise. Proficiency is an ever going process. Now, you've done all that and decide you want to carry concealed. Now you need a holster that feels comfortable and easily conceals your weapon. That also is a personal choice. There are pros and cons to each. Hip carry is good for availability, but is harder to conceal. Ankle holsters are great concealment, but take a few seconds longer to retrieve the weapon if needed. It's all what makes you comfortable. That accomplished, you must know the laws pertaining to your carry. Some stores won't allow guns. Fine, don't go to those stores. You can't drink alcohol while you carry. Most states prohibit carry in schools, government buildings, etc. If you get stopped in your car by the police, keep your hands on the wheel, and tell the officer you have a carry permit and where the gun is. He/she will instruct you on what they need from you. Go through various scenarios regarding what could happen and what you will do. Be ever vigilant in your surroundings and watch anything suspicious to you. You are not a law enforcement agent, but you are protecting your right to live. Finally, decide how would it affect you if you had kill someone. Law enforcement have a saying, "better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6". Sometimes the decisions you have to make will be split second. Know you are right when you act. To know that, go over scenarios and decide what you would do. In my years in law enforcement, I plan everything I can. Where I sit, say in a restaurant. I want by back to a wall and a position where I can see in every direction. You will have an advantage, of surprise. Such as in a restaurant, a shooter comes in and has a whole room at gunpoint, and you wait until he is distracted, pull your weapon, and fire. Your training and proficiency pay off and you hit the perpetrator with every round, stopping a catastrophe. The police arrive, you have your weapon holstered, or safe and laying on the table, with your ID and carry permit out. Personally, I would not make a statement until you have an attorney present. The police will do an investigation, get all witness statements, and forward their investigation to the State Attorney. Your attorney is there to protect your rights. Some say, why do I need an attorney when I was right? Because, you may make a mistake in your statement, say too much, or the wrong thing. You meant to say, I was in fear for my life and others, but it comes out different. And then there are possible law suits. The dead armed robber's family will say he was a god boy, and want to sue you and the restaurant, and anyone else they can get a payout on. Even the gun shop you purchased the gun at, and the manufacturer of the gun. So, with all this in mind, why get the gun in the first place? Because otherwise, you could be dead. Or your family members, or innocent other people. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

​Peace, and Happy New Year!


by Steven White on April 20th, 2015

​My intent on this blog is to get the average, everyday citizen to think about self-defense and what measures you would go to if you or your family/loved ones were in danger.

World peace! Wouldn’t that be nice? What would that be like? It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? We can still strive to get it, try and practice in our own lives, right? Sure we can. But will we ever achieve it? Not that I am a skeptic, well, maybe I am, but I’ve seen the worst of people for most of my adult life. Just as I know, beyond a doubt, that most people want peace and harmony in their lives, there is a small percentage of people who want to hurt, rape, pillage, steal your stuff, and some want to kill you. They will stop at nothing to get what they want, including, your death. I would hope everyone is aware of that. But I know some wear rose colored glasses and refuse to accept the fact. Many chastise the police and military for violence they engage in, to protect the innocent, and secretly want them around when needed, but those people don’t want to see them when all is well. They‘d prefer to ignore it and pretend that doesn’t exist, or will never affect them. But….what if?

I want to put forth a few scenarios for you. Think about them and try to put yourself in that situation, and what would you do? The victims in these scenarios were real people, minding their own business, going about their lives. All three scenarios are based on true cases that I responded to. Could it happen to you?

1. A man and his teenage daughter come home around 4PM, park in their driveway, get out, and start to go in. The wife and other kids are not home yet. Not being aware of the situation; that is, the man was followed from the daughter’s school where he picked her up, by 4 thieves/scoundrels who wanted to rob this man. As the man and daughter approached the front door with the keys, the 4 men walked up behind the two unsuspecting victims, pulled their guns, screamed at them to get in the house at gunpoint, where all 6 people went in. The 4 men struck the man and his daughter with their guns, violently knocking them to the floor. They continued kicking the man and beat him into submission. The man was not prepared for this, never imagined something like this could or would ever happen to him. Two of the thugs tied the man up with the wire from a lamp and sat him on the floor. The other two thugs ransacked the home for easy valuables; cash, jewelry, and anything else they could easily carry out. Being the “loving, peaceful” types they were, the young thugs then raped the teenage girl with the barrels of their guns in front of the father, making him watch. After that, the 4 thugs left with the valuables, leaving the victims tied up to be found when the wife and other kids came home. Both victims recovered, physically, but……what would you do if you had a chance to protect your daughter? Would you shoot and possibly kill 1 or more of those thugs?

2. Around 2am, a young mother of an infant, awoke to a loud noise in the living room. Her husband was away on a business trip, leaving the mother and infant daughter alone. The married couple had never thought of purchasing a gun. After all, in this “civilized” society, such things are not needed. Plus, what if someone else found the gun, like a friend or relative and shot someone by accident? Anyway, the mother awoke to this noise, a sound of a thud, and glass breaking. She didn’t know what to do, tried calling her husband, no answer. She heard her baby cry, so she got up and went to see what was going on. She went into her little girl’s room to find a man holding the baby, which made her scream, so he pushed her back against the wall and punched her in the face, knocking her unconscious on the floor. She came to seconds later and heard the front door open and heard a car door shut, an engine start, and drive off squealing tires. Her baby, was gone. She didn’t even think to identify the car or man, much less a tag number. She called 911 and the police arrived in a few minutes. Luckily at that time of night, all cars in the area were stopped and checked. The man was caught with the baby in the car, and arrested. The man was a career criminal and sexual predator, suspected of murdering 3 children in another state. Again, what if it were you?

3. A young couple, on a date to the mall and movie, were leaving after the movie. As they approached the car, 3 young men walked towards them. The couple was scared, but tried to ignore the approaching men. 1 of the men pulled a large knife and proceeded to rob the two victims, taking the victims wallets and her purse. The 2 without the knife, grabbed the young man victim, and held his arms, as the one with the knife threatened to kill both victims if they didn’t provide more cash. The male victim said they didn’t have any more money, which enraged the thugs, and the 1 with the knife began to slice the man’s skin on his face and arms. The girl screamed, and the brave man with the knife stabbed her in the stomach area several times with the 5” blade, rupturing her stomach and left kidney. She fell to the ground as the male tried to break free to help his girlfriend. She was bleeding profusely and crying quietly. The brave thug with the knife then stabbed the man in the throat and upper torso, as the two thugs holding him beat him. Two innocent victims, both left for dead. On a happier note, both lived and recovered, physically. Both were scarred for life, physically and mentally.

The point is, there are evil people that will kill, or rape, and take your hard earned money, belongings, and your life, or the life of those you love. No matter what these victims did, they thought they could not have prevented being victims. And as callous as it sounds, these victims shared some blame. None of them were situationally aware of any danger. None of them were prepared for these crimes mentally. Many say they will not live in a world where these things are necessary, carrying guns, or always watching your surroundings. So be it. In situation 1, if the man were situationally aware of his surroundings, he would have picked up on the fact that he was being followed. In that case, he could have driven to a police station or fire station, and let them know he was being followed. Or called 911 and tell them of his suspicions. The cowards they are, the criminals would have fled at this solution. In situation 2, had the woman and her husband invested in an alarm, good door locks, a firearm, a baseball bat even, the abduction of their child could have been prevented. In situation 3, had the young couple have been situationally aware, they would have seen the 3 men stalking them, and gone back inside the mall, notified mall security, and been spared the pain and humiliation of being robbed, stabbed, and beaten. Watch the news, every day there are many more instances of these type. Don’t be a victim. Fight back. We have the right to be free and safe from evil doers. Try and run scenarios through your mind. Are you being followed? Do you see something out of the ordinary? Take a gun safety and training course. Get a firearm, teach your loved ones how to use it, and store it safely, but close enough to get it in a scary situation. You love peace, but, if you or your loved ones were threatened, could you shoot? Think about it…what would you do???        

by Steven White on April 14th, 2015

​This post is to explain the necessity or desire to have background checks on people. Of course, the simplest answer is for businesses, to protect their assets and lower liability from your clients, creditors, and employees. So, let’s get back to that one.
I recently had an elderly woman come into my office and ask if we do background checks. I said, yes, and it depends on what purpose. She replied that she owns numerous rental homes and has been getting stuck with unpaid rent and having to go through the painstaking process of eviction. I said a background check would be ideal in her situation. There are different sorts of backgrounds offered by me and other professional investigation companies. There are just simple clearance checks, in which a criminal history, arrest records, and wants/warrants are sought. Those are the cheapest, by far. And it spans to a complete background, which would be the clearance check, and a complete history makeup, including interviews of neighbors, friends, former employers, etc.
A professional investigation company must be cautious, as there are laws governing credit reports and driver’s motor vehicles reports. Privacy concerns are a big issue. Whether it’s for a company or a private citizen. Also, a professional investigation company will usually employ several secure databases for the checks. This caution also extends to the person requesting a background check. The best option is to require the prospective employee or resident, the person the background is done on, to read, fill out, and sign a form allowing the background to be performed.
In compliance with these laws, a professional investigation company will only release information which is not a violation of these laws. For instance, a client comes in on a divorce case, wanting surveillance of their spouse. Since a disclaimer form will not be obtained from the offending spouse, that person’s drivers report nor credit rating should not be released.
There are many reasons companies/corporations should require background checks. A vetted employee is much more trustworthy and will strive to do their best. Many of my clients require background checks of all their applicants. Of course, a signed disclaimer from the applicant which has the applicant’s information on it is required by my firm in order for me to proceed. This disclaimer states that a complete background check and drivers motor vehicle report will be conducted and the applicant allows it. In my report to my corporate clients, all information is reported to the client on the applicant. Many undesirable applicants have been denied positions due to this background, thus insuring undesirable persons are not hired, nor a person required to drive a vehicle is not hired with a suspended or revoked license or a bunch of traffic citations and/or accidents. This simple background has saved many of my clients from liability issues, as well as provided the peace of mind that HR has hired the best possible candidates. Those corporate clients that go that extra step often require drug tests also. Some wish a fingerprint comparison be made to insure the applicant is who they say they are. Some clients also require the applicant pay for these checks as a precursor to getting hired.
Background checks are simple, relatively inexpensive, and in today’s corporate world a necessity part of business.  

by Steven White on January 6th, 2015

Security in your home or business comes in many forms. The most obvious is, of course, burglaries. One of my business neighbors recently had an attempted burglary. The criminals were amateurs, as they didn't get in. But, they caused damage to the building and wiring, obviously an attempt to bypass the alarm system. 
Then there is Internet security, identity theft, internal theft, trade secret theft, embezzlement, etc.
Lets start with burglary. Usually the thieves are amateurs, looking for a quick score of whatever your business has to offer them. Your computers, cash, products, and in the case of a medical office, drugs. Most people do not wish to make their home or office a fortress, but simple, relatively inexpensive, steps can be taken to discourage these low life thieves from taking your hard earned money. Alarm systems: a good step to take. These systems are modified for your needs. You can buy a simple, easy to install yourself, system for under a thousand dollars. Some of these systems include cameras, motion detectors, door and window protection, and alerts to be sent to your smart phone when you are not in the office. I have motion and sound activated cameras in my own business that alert me immediately when sound or motion is detected. I then pull up my cameras on my phone and can scan the office for intruders, in normal or infra red modes. So far, no attempts have been made. But, if I see someone in my business, I call 911 and the police will be there in a couple of minutes. More exotic systems are available. You get exactly what you pay for. 
Internet, where do we go for that? It starts with your own network. Most WiFi routers come with their own security safeguards. Some are weak and others stronger. The weakest is the WPA setting, which can be hacked fast. Then there are more secure settings, such as WPA2-AES and  WPA2-TKIP. You can use one or sometimes both, you can add encryption,  algorithms, firewalls, and other features. Usually the higher your security, the slower your network is. A normal home or small business should not have to worry about an elaborate system as most thieves are, amateurs! Another security feature is backups! I have backups on my backups! All my business data is backed up daily, in case of the theft of my computer, or, a computer crash. I can go purchase a computer and attach my backup and not lose any data. 
We talked about WiFi security. But in order to limit hackers, who usually hack for their own pleasure just to say I hacked this today and brought it need protection on your computer(s). There are many software applications with virus scanners, firewalls, network security systems, applications for things such as keeping your system in tip top shape, shredding old data, etc. Do you know if you simply empty your recycle bin, that data is still on your hard drive? There are programs that wipe that data, from 1 to all the times you want. You can wipe your hard drive with standard wipe features, just to insure your old data is removed. Like I said, there are many different programs out there. You need to assess what you need and act accordingly. 
Internal theft....well, that is fairly self explanatory. You hire a new employee who finds a way to get their salary, and bilk you out of your own money! One suggestion is; do a background check on new hires. Most professional investigations companies perform background checks according to your desires. From a simple computer check for criminal records, to more extensive checks which would include interviewing all references, former employers, neighbors, etc. Financial checks, drivers license checks, drug testing, fingerprint comparisons, and polygraphs, are all available. Of course the more you want the more the cost. But peace of mind is a good way to operate. 
Trade secrets....personally, I would not have them on a computer which is Internet connected. Put them on a backup system and store them in a safe. Your ideas and company secrets are yours. If your trade secret is an object, store it off site in a secure location. If it is small, put it in a safety deposit box.
All of these safeguards are actually good common sense. There are professionals who can asist or institute the best security for you and your business, for a relatively small cost. You can spend a couple of thousand dollars on a good system, or lose multi thousands or millions on a big hit. One thing for sure, if you ignore the crime in our present world, and hope it doesn't happen to you, you will be a victim.  

by Steven White on December 18th, 2014

So, what is all the hub bub about Corporate Security? Why does a Corporation, business (small, medium, or large) need to think about their own security? It's a simple answer; we live in a very vulnerable society. Security is of utmost importance. And security ranges from:

1. The business physical security, such as alarm systems, locks, safety issues.
Solution- Having a professional security analysis done. 

2. Cyber security: hackers, viruses, scammers, phreakers, intellectual property theft, copyright violations, etc. 
Solution- Insure you're business has adequate Internet security, firewalls, a competent IT section, maintaining your servers/equipment with the latest security software.

3. Personnel issues (employee thefts, embezzlement, employee security at work (sexual harassment, dangerous/demented individuals, spies, etc)
Solution- retain a Professional Investigation Company for internal investigations and assessments, perform background checks on all employees, place cameras in work areas, know your people, employee an armed guard professionally trained and licensed, etc

4. Health Safety issues such as clean air, defib units, first aid, trained employees in first responder/CPR, employee drills for fire, man made or natural disaster, etc
Solution- Employ or retain a professional Health Safety expert to monitor these areas for adequate ventilation and work space safety. Train one employee as a first responder and CPR certified and have that employee trained as a trainer. That employee can then train some or all of your employees in same. Invest in some defibrillator units, good first aid kits, bio suits if needed, etc. 

In all businesses, the employees can make or break the success of the business. Employee safety is number one. They are your life line to success or failure. Screen your employees, a comprehensive background check is a good start. Implement a drug screening program at hire and random checks, if needed, as a condition of employment. The relative low costs for these measures will be outweighed by hiring good, competent individuals. Some businesses require the applicant to pay for a background check and drug screening. And a good, safe work area will be appreciated by employees, making them happier and more productive. 

And bad employees can do immeasurable damage to a business. Employee theft costs billions of dollars every year. Intellectual property theft is on the rise. Corporate spies are available to steal your ideas, patents, copyrighted information, and your money. Each business has a unique skill set in the business world. Your needs can be custom fit for your business. There are many professional Corporate Security companies available. Utilize them to insure your business. A proactive approach is much more advisable than a reactive approach. The damage is done!  

by Steven White on November 11th, 2014

Freedom: What does it mean to you, or me?

Freedom, is a word used a great deal by our society, at least in America. Have you ever thought of what it means to you personally? Does it mean you get up every day, get your coffee, eat breakfast, go to your same hum drum job, complete another day "chained" to your desk or car or truck. Have you served your Country? What if you "got up" at daybreak, having not actually slept, as you were worried an enemy might sneak up and slit your throat. Its hard for us, non-soldiers, to imagine what our servicemen and women go thru on a day to day basis. Deployed numerous times to a country that hates them, leaving their families and loved ones to fend for themselves, to face death every second of every day. To see unimaginable horrors not meant for our eyes, to kill another human being, or be killed yourself. To always have your head on a swivel, always be alert and adept at sensing danger. To eat MRE's or some other crap given to you in the sand. Sleep on the ground, or a sandy foxhole you dug. 

Yet, we at home, in our everyday lives of routine and wondering isn't there something better than this? We take for granted our freedom, and hum drum lives, at the expense of those men and women who felt the call of duty, of honor, of freedom, and enlisted in the best armed services in history. They made a sacrifice many of us can't understand, and paid dearly, watching their best friends, brothers in arms, die; or be maimed for life. Scars that can't be seen instilled in their memories, while we drive to work, complaining about our routine days.

Veterans Day!  Its not just an extra day off. Its a day to thank a veteran for their dear sacrifices. Thank them for sacrificing their freedom and very lives, for our freedom. And to all you detractors, who say they signed up for it, they knew what they were getting into, I say go serve one day of what they've endured. 

​God bless our troops! God bless America!

by Steven White on October 30th, 2014

This post will address your safety in this big bad world of ours. We have to deal with people wanting to steal our stuff, or hurt us, or even kill us. Why? There are as many answers to that as there are criminals. Many are lazy, have no skills, or want no skills. It's easier to them to burglarize or rob people, places, or things, than to get a job and work for their own stuff. They can "work" an hour or two a day, take your stuff, go buy their dope, and have a great time while you are working. Those are the run of the mill thieves. Then there are the professionals, they can bypass alarms, take and open safes, target specific items they want, high valued ........ collections: such as stamps, coins, guns, art, etc. There are many less professional theives than the run of the mill types. There are also the mentally ill. Psychopathic individuals that have no feeling, no remorse, and could care less about you or your family. They could kill you with no reason, and not give it another thought. There are much less of these whackos running around, fortunately. 

Then there are the "cyber" attackers. They delve into the personal data you store as a matter of business as usual. They steal your identity, much as the common variety thief, because they don't want to work for their income., they'd rather have yours. They hack into your personal and business accounts, sell your information, use your information, and steal anything they can get from you. There are also cyber spies, who look for trade secrets, steal confidential information from persons, and/or businesses, for gain. They also steal secret information from governments, and sell that information to the highest bidder, which usually happens to be an enemy. That is the new war in the cyber world that has happened in our face. Technology is a great thing if used for good purposes. But it can be a dastardly thing in the wrong hands. 
So, what to do? It can be overwhelming. We can restrict what we do online. We can get an alarm system. We can arm ourselves. We can institute strict security features in our homes and businesses. That will curtail some thieves, but it won't stop intrusions. Nothing will stop all intrusions. Best thing to do is, prepare ourselves for it, institute a plan of action. Always be aware of your surroundings and note anything unusual or suspicious. After all, the goal is to protect yourselves, your family, your assets. It's like being ever vigilant for terrorist attacks. It's sad that we have to do it, but, the alternative is sadder. Would you rather put your plan in place before an attack, or would you prefer to prevent the attack in the first place? It is now a part of life in these United States, and the world, and it is a dog eat dog world we live in.  

There is a man who wrote what I consider a brilliant piece based on his own view of our threats. It is:


Dave Grossman is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel psychologist and professor at the U.S. Military Academy. His works On Killing and On Combat describe the physiological, psychological and cultural effects of lethal force. They are thought provoking and – for some – controversial.

Grossman’s metaphor is simple. There are sheep, wolves and sheepdogs in this world. The wolves prey on the sheep; the sheepdogs protect them. Both wolves and sheepdogs have fangs, but they use them for quite different purposes."

Okay, you say, how does this apply to you? I urge you all to read the entire piece Lt Col Grossman wrote. It's readily available online. He specifically refers to police officers and the military in it. But it is so appropriate to all in todays world. He surmises that there are three types of people...
Sheep (normal citizens), Wolves (the bad guys), and Sheepdogs (Cops, Military, and those who fight the wolves). 

Which are you? There is no shame in being a Sheep. Most of us don't want to have to deal with the bad guys. We'd prefer to live our lives free of crime and violence. But when it happens to us, we cry out for the Sheepdog to help us. All of a sudden, guns and weapons are an option. Be a Sheep, but use Sheepdog ways to protect your vital interests!

Or are you a Sheepdog? No one messes with your family!

So, lets say a burglar breaks into your home. He steals all your jewelry you've collected, on your own and family heirlooms, your coin collection that was handed down to you by your grandfather, your big screen TV (Now you are pissed), your cash you've saved for a bigger big screen TV, and your autographed Babe Ruth ball and photograph also handed down by your grandfather. Your monetary loss is substantial, but your emotional hit was far more substantial. There was an intruder in your home! He broke through your back door in 3 seconds because you didn't put a better lock in when you moved in because that stuff never happens to you, only the other guy! Now, your kids can't sleep because of this bad guy looking in their stuff and soiling it. He kicked your dog too and the dog is now whimpering in the corner. Your home, your life, your world and the most important people in it, were violated!!!! Your wife has thoughts that she and the kids aren't safe because you failed to protect them. She doesn't say it, but you know shes thinking it! Or, at least, you think she is thinking it. You feel less of a man because you neglected basic protection because you were too busy, or it was too expensive, or you didn't think it could happen at your house.

Okay, now what? Out of shame or fear, you call a locksmith and change all your locks to great locks. It's expensive, but your families safety and emotional well being is in check. You go out and buy a gun. That bad guy won't come back now, you have a gun! Damn that thief, he shook your rose colored world up! Now he screwed with the wrong guy! So you get this gun. You've never held a gun before. How does it work? You take a gun safety course in your town, and even get a carry permit. Now, by God, you are ready! (Advice- train, train, and train in firearm safety and proficiency. Get intimately familiar with the gun and have your family be familiar with safety and how to use it in an emergency).

Are you ready? Could you look a man or woman, or a teenage boy or girl, in the face and shoot them, dead? But what if its Billy, the 17 year old neighbor kid? Sure he killed and tortured some dogs and cats in the neighborhood. But it's Billy! Oh, but Billy has a butcher knife in his hand and has this crazed look on his face. Better think about that before you act. Prepare yourself. Is your family that important to you? I can tell you he can and will shoot or stab you, or your family...your kids! He will use whatever means to achieve his end, stealing your stuff and not getting caught. If he has to grab a knife from the kitchen, the fireplace poker, a golf club, a baseball bat, or whatever, he will. And he will use it to eliminate witnesses so he won't get caught. What if he or another freak comes back, not for your valuables, but for your 4 year old daughter. He's a pedophile, and he wants to defile your daughter and do lewd acts on her. He saw her pictures, he knows what he wants! And then, to protect himself, he kills her and disposes of her body because he can't go to prison. Now, could you have shot him? Your sweet, innocent little princess! And you know she said, my daddy will save me. Then, where is my daddy?

All good questions. It's all part of the plan you need to have with your family. My suggestion, get good locks, get an alarm system with a panic button. Get window locks. A good burglar can pry a window in no time. Check your doors, do they open in or out? A door that opens in is much easier to kick open that one that opens out. Do this BEFORE you are a victim. Common sense initiatives can prevent a lot of heartache in the future. And you and your family will sleep better. Sure, a pro can bypass alarms, good locks, and other features. But they are in a shorter supply than the common scum, I mean, thief. It really doesn't matter what you do if it's a pro. If they have a target they want, they will get it. But you can slow them down, you can make them think, is it worth it? They could move on to an easier target rich environment. The good thing is, most pros aren't interested in the average home, they want the really good stuff. Oh, LOCK YOUR DOORS!!!! You'd be surprized how many people forget to lock their doors and windows. Make it a part of your day.

As for cyber thieves, run a firewall or two, or three. Use the most secure WiFi router you can, and it's highest encryption. Use complicated passwords with letters, caps, numbers, and special characters. Use different passwords for each account. Keep your passwords in a safe place. Not on your computer or device! Most hackers can find computers not protected at all. If they have to work for it, they may just move on. Check your credit status often, make sure there are no accounts you haven't applied for. Get an online account that protects your identity. Don't throw away bank statements, credit card statements, etc. Nothing with any personal information on it. Thieves will rummage through the garbage. Get a shredder. All common sense. Encrypt all the data you can! Prevention is the best safeguard. 

Prepare, mentally and physically. Run it in your mind, could I shoot another human being? Remember, a burglar who gets shot at, is most likely going to get out of there as quick as possible. Just be safe where you put the rounds. Have a plan. The wife and kids go to the safest place you can think of. You stand your ground. NO ONE has the right to take your or your families lives. 
Now, you are the family hero! Doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, you saved the day! 

Next post will deal with corporate and business security!

The world today is a beautiful, wonderful, place. But there are certain things we cannot ignore. While wishing for world peace and tranquility is a noble gesture, It is only that, a gesture. Don't view this harsh side of life through "Rose colored glasses" ignoring certain truths. Prepare, be vigilant. As a wise fictional character once said, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get."

Have a great day! Thanks for blogging! 

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by Steven White on September 25th, 2014

For someone to look into hiring a P.I. there must be some serious shiznick going on with your life and/or business. I mean, it's not as if it's an inexpensive endeavour. 
First off, it doesn't have to be that expensive. Most P.I.'s charge by the hour. However, one should consider if this is what they really want. Oftentimes, the results are more than expected and maybe just T.M.I......
This particular blog post is regarding marital infidelity cases. Most callers regarding infidelity are in fact, women. I am not trying to dissuade anyone from hiring me or my colleagues, but I do consider the following facts, and I do want potential clients to consider these facts:
1. Obviously, you believe your spouse is having an affair.
2. You want to catch him/her in the act?
3. Why? To rub their nose in it? To get a better divorce settlement? To prove a point?
4. In my many years of experience, I have found that when a spouse suspects the other spouse is cheating it's usually true. In fact, one knows they are! 
5. So, think, do you REALLY want to know? Do you want to see pictures or videos of the act? What will be the result? Divorce? What of the kids? What of your financial security? What of your home? All good questions.
6. Okay, you decide, you want to prove it and get divorced and take him/her to the bank. Most States now are "no-fault" States, meaning community property, the courts don't want to hear about infidelity or other causes, they just want you to make a property settlement, decide who gets what, who gets the kids, and most likely, sell your home and split the profits. The upside? You can move on with your life and do better next time. Create a stable environment for your kids. Have the peace of mind knowing you have done the right thing.

One sure thing about a "P.I."? The old images of the low life private eye in a cheap suit with a cigar in his mouth are over! We refer to ourselves as "P.I".=Professional Investigators! Most States heavily regulate our profession for honesty, integrity, continuing education courses, complaints, etc. Each P.I. must be licensed, and work for or operate their own licensed company! Basically, two licenses! And many are retired or former police investigators, Federal Agents, etc, who have an incredible amount of experience! 

Keep that in mind and if you happen to get the old style P.I., keep searching! 

​I'd love to hear comments and/or feedback on this blog! Thank you!